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Our Culture

We are innovative people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“WE” is the only culture we believe and “SEE”

Internal harmony and cohesiveness are what we think sets us apart at ISoft. We strongly believe that the reason behind ISoft reaching great heights is a result of action taken and commitment displayed by every team member irrespective of their position on the hierarchy.
A lot of this comes from following the leader who is also the founder of ISoft Mr. Ashok Ellendula. He has always been a staunch believer in the power of multiple hands working towards the bigger goal, which is the reason behind the "WE" ideology being placed on the pedestal at ISoft.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our main ideology revolves around moving ahead collectively as a team. An undying attitude to be there for one another while making everyone feel included is what keeps the fire in our team alive. Don’t miss out the opportunity to join and do business with a company that believes in the power of diversity and inclusion.

Corporate Social Resposibility

Even though bringing out an IT revolution remains the number one priority at ISoft, we wish to approach the end by keeping the community and environment on our side.
As a socially responsible entity, we have always been in the forefront to cater to the community by making available offerings in different capacities.
Even though we enjoy contributing to every cause that makes a difference to someone’s life or the world as a whole, there are certain social causes that we are extremely passionate about and continue to contribute to for years now.

Helping hand to the Less Fortunate

ISoft continues to hold the reins as far as being available to the needy and less fortunate is concerned. As a part of our CSR, we make sure that no person is deprived of basic necessities. That said, we have been leading contributors to orphanages, old age homes, emergency care services, educational scholarships, and food programmes. We wish to support every child who may be seeking support in some form or the other.

Sustainable Approach

Sustainability continues to remain the Number 1 priority at ISoft. As a part of our CSR commitment, we push our employees into adopting sustainable acts, while acting in the interest of the environment. ISoft’s business functioning is no different.

Attention on Vedic Education

Led by founders, who believe in the ideology of holistic happiness, ISoft cannot just overlook the importance of Vedic Education among children. We believe children should enjoy a harmonious growth, which is why we continue to remain major advocates and contributors in this area.

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