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Initiate Automation with Sophisticated Cloud Service Offerings
Data & analytics are increasingly important in today's digital environment for altering traditional company operations, launching new business models, and enhancing existing ones. With the help of ISoft data & analytics services, businesses can provide value throughout the customer expert.

What we do

ISoft is happy to serve as your cloud consultant where we will be familiarizing you with cloud computing services and cloud-based applications that will aid your operations.

Cloud Consulting

As a part of Cloud Migration, ISoft makes it a point to understand your purpose of migration, evaluate costs, assess the environment, choose a cloud environment and determine deployment model.

Cloud Migration

The idea here is to develop a concise point of view on the exact role of cloud within the organization.

Cloud Strategy

ISoft is happy to offer both partial and complete management of your cloud resources and overall infrastructure.

Managed Cloud Services

As a part of this service offering, ISoft makes fast and affordable configuration, deployment, and management services possible.

Modern Operations

With our cloud native applications, we better equip you to incorporate feedback and take the path of continuous improvement.

Cloud Native Applications

Under this service umbrella, ISoft manages hybrid and multi cloud services and resources.

Cloud Platform & Tooling

At this point, security of systems and controls is ensured and compliance with standards met.

Modern Security & Compliance
Our Data &
Analytics Services
Our Data &
Analytics Services
Our Data &
Analytics Services
Our Data &
Analytics Services

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